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Biggie Babylon is an award winning entertainer but he’s also been labeled a pioneer, entrepreneur, and branding genius.  The Chaldean rapper was born and raised in San Diego, CA to a well to do family but earned his stripes as a twelve year old working at his father’s liquor store in the notoriously rough Southeast San Diego area. By the age of twenty-one, Biggie Babylon had started his own check cashing/cell phone business directly across the street from his family’s liquor store. The business was a success and Biggie was able to invest into the career of a long time friend and up-and-coming rapper, TIMZ.  Biggie also became TIMZ’ manager and helped him go viral with a music video in 2006.  After accepting a full scholarship to law school, TIMZ had to retire from music which left an opening for Biggie to sign a new artist.  Biggie made a checklist of qualities that he was looking for in an artist and soon realized that he, himself, possessed all the qualities on that list even though he never considered being a recording artist himself. But Biggie, being six foot two and three hundred fifty pounds, was always the center of attention in any room he was in so Biggie decided to give it a shot.  He called on producer Josh Franks to record some music and soon they had recorded Biggie’s first song, “Home Run Hitta.”   After hearing himself professionally produced and seeing how the music video for the song turned out, Biggie knew that he was destined to make a name for himself in the entertainment world. 

Although Biggie released music and music videos consistently for many years, the music was never a primary focus for the entrepreneur who was busy building brands and running his businesses.  In 2011 Biggie Babylon formed a legal medicinal cannabis collective, “Babylon’s Garden,” in San Diego which was voted top five collectives in Southern California by Weedmaps.  It was during this time Biggie Babylon learned just how many people really benefited from cannabis and how they loved and supported the booming cannabis lifestyle and industry.  Biggie became an advocate and vowed to do what he could to help get marijuana recreationally legal in California and the rest of the United States.  His efforts, along with millions of voters, helped pass Proposition 64 in California and recreational cannabis became legal.   But that meant Babylon’s Garden was forced to shutter it’s doors while the application for a licensed recreational storefront was filed in what was likely to be a years long process. In the meantime, while Biggie was at his check cashing business one Halloween night, he and an employee were held hostage at gunpoint during a robbery.  After that near death experience, Biggie Babylon decided to sell his business because in his words, “I have much more to offer this world than working at the same spot for over fifty years like my father has in his liquor store.”  

Biggie sold his business and kept his eye open for the next opportunity.  He released his debut album, “C.E.O.G.” in 2013 and spent the next few years perfecting his craft as a recording artist and live performer. Over the years Biggie has been booked as the opening act for Mobb Deep, Ty Dolla $, Twista, Nappy Roots, Devin The Dude, Chingy, Coolio, and more.  In 2015 an opportunity arose in the form of a record deal with Bungalo records based out of Los Angeles.  Biggie Babylon strongly considered signing this deal and decided to make the move to Los Angeles.  Although the deal eventually fell through, he decided to stay in the Los Angeles area to work on music and also began attending acting classes at the world famous Beverly Hills Playhouse. Within two years, Biggie had graduated to the advanced level at the acting school and even won the school’s annual film festival for a short film that he wrote, directed, and starred in called “RYDE.” Biggie was also cast in two nationally released TV commercials (Candy Crush & Modelo Beer) and a few short films.  During his two years in Los Angeles he also realized that every major artist, producer, and executive in the entertainment industry that he met was interested in hearing about Biggie’s prior business ventures in the cannabis industry. While Biggie was trying to break into the entertainment industry, everyone else was trying to break into the cannabis industry. The knowledge that he shared brought a lot of hype and attention to Biggie and therefore to Biggie’s music. Biggie Babylon became known in influential circles as the rapper with the cannabis brand. The attention alone he received was not enough for Biggie to continue to pursue music and acting at the level he wanted to be at.  To be successful in entertainment requires a lot of capital.  Capital that Biggie did not have enough of at the time.  He knew he had the image, the brand, and the skills to thrive on the same level as major artists but he also knew that he had to find the right deal, investor, or he had to make the money himself in order to further his career.  

In 2017 Biggie moved back to San Diego in hopes of securing an investor.  He reached out to friends and family with a business and marketing plan and shared his vision.  Although he received great feedback and well wishes, nobody was willing to invest the kind of money that he was looking for so Biggie was forced to consider his other options and come up with his own capital.  That did not deter Biggie and he continued to leverage his relationships to create and release new music and videos.  Biggie started winning local FM radio contests with his new songs and became the only three time winner of the “Hotshot” contest on XHTZ-FM and was invited to do an on air interview at the station.  The attention he received helped form a relationship with DJ Bille Knight who took Biggie under his wing. They went on a West Coast Radio Promo Tour where Biggie was interviewed by nine radio stations up and down the West Coast.   He was also nominated for The San Diego Music Awards in 2018 for the “Best Album” category for the album “#HipHopNdance” and in 2020 for “Best Hip Hop/Rap” category for an album called “The Greenprint.”  Not a small feat for a city with four million people!  During these years he also became the brand ambassador and marketing director for Babylon’s World, a cannabis lifestyle brand. Biggie knew that for him to stand out in today’s oversaturated music market, he would have to intertwine his music with the cannabis industry.  That’s when he invented the DJ Loudpack! 

“The DJ Loudpack is the most brilliant marketing idea I have ever seen an artist do. Congratulations!”  Said Brian Gaffey of Interscope Records when he was personally handed the DJ Loudpack by Biggie Babylon.  Troy Marshall said, “this (DJ Loudpack) is the most genius form of marketing I have seen and I’ve been around all the greats and have seen everything.”  Biggie Babylon knew he had something special with his invention but did not realize at the time how groundbreaking it truly was. The DJ Loudpack is a small sealed tin can resembling a tuna fish or cat food can.  Underneath the plastic lid there is another pop top seal which you have to peel back to open.  Inside the can there is a full gram of high quality cannabis, two pre-roll joints, a piece of THC edible candy, a branded wristband, and a flash drive containing the music Biggie was promoting at the time.  The outside of the can is labeled with Biggie Babylon’s social media links via a QR code, a track list, and the single cover artwork. Biggie Babylon debuted his DJ Loudpack to the public at the Core DJ’s Worldwide annual retreat in late 2017.  By the end of the conference Biggie and his can became the talk of the event.  Biggie knew he had something special and vowed to get these cans in the hands of as many DJ’s as possible.  Over the next couple years Biggie sampled “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” theme song and released the music video to “Pulled Up Fresh” where he played the Middle Eastern Fresh Prince.  He also released the single, “On The Way ” produced by Track or Die which is a group made up of multiple Grammy Award winners Street Symphony and D.O. Speaks. He then embarked on promo tours in New York City, the Midwest, Florida, and the West Coast again.  Internationally known DJ’s like  DJ Enuff, DJ Lord Sear, DJ Pharris, DJ Fatfingaz, DJ Skee, Peter Parker, Rick Lee, DJ Mindmotion, Chuey Gomez, DJ Erb, DJ Bonics, DJ Pyrex, DJ Tony Neal, and countless more have spun his records and talked about Biggie, his DJ loudpack, and his music on air nationwide and around the world.  

Biggie’s music career was on the rise and his business ventures were also taking off which gave him the power and the capital to finally put his music and marketing plans in play as an independent artist.  Everything was going great in early 2020 and Biggie was getting booked to perform and getting paid for recording features.  But then the pandemic hit and everything came to a crashing halt for him as well as the majority of the entertainment industry.  Without a clear perspective of what the new normal would look like, Biggie even considered retiring from the music industry. But in late 2020 he decided that he had to give his vision one more real shot.  He started working on a slightly new sound and direction with multi-platinum producer Thom Genius and they recorded Biggie’s current chart topping single, “All In.”  The track featured a Travis Scott / Post Malone vibe and was different for Biggie but it received excellent feedback from his peers in the industry.  “All In” sits at number two on Digital Radio Tracker’s Global Independent Charts and has been featured on Shade 45, Dash Radio, and multiple FM markets in the US.  Biggie hired music video super director Damien Sandoval to create the visuals for the track. Biggie Babylon has made a name for himself in music and in business and plans to continue his run with the upcoming release of his fourth album Coronado California, until his name is mentioned amongst the elite.